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Save the Girl Child: It's Time we Start thinking... The hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization
Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as the girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity.
India is a land that boasts of having the maximum number of Goddess and it also boasts of the killing of maximum number of foetus of girls.
The foetus is being killed or destroyed when its still in its mother's womb and is yet to see the light of the day.
They would have the surname with their name and also in the event of death the male would perform the last rites.
A woman after getting married is no longer considered a member of her family of birth. All these aspects led to the support of a boy over a girl.
Moreover, it is the old females in a family who want male child in spite of their being females themselves. They make the life of a woman horrible if she gives birth to a girl child.
But who has created all these rules, this same society that can mend any rules to favour it. Moreover, girls nowadays can keep their maiden name even after marriage.
There are many families where girls have excelled more than the boys of that family and they have become the torch bearers.
And killing of a life even before it could start its life cannot be justifiable in any sense.


VCK Artz is committed towards a better society and we believe that the foundation of the human society to unleash its potential is - A Girl.
VCK Artz is happy to announce that each and every project done by us will be dedicated towards helping the girl child. We strive to make a difference in the lives of Women.
A part of the amount from every project will be used for the benefit of the girl child in a way by organizing events, to raise awareness, to save and to educate the girl child.

Call or email us for more information if you wish to organise special events or fund raising events, related to this special cause.