If you want something completely different at your event that amazes your audience, you'r at the right place.

VCK ARTZ specializes in different medium of art offering variety of creative services for all type of events such as: festivals, brands, startups, corporate events, foundations, product promotion, corporate logos, displays, trade shows, lessons and work shops, weddings and wedding proposals, theme parties, theme parks and resorts, commercials, grand openings, malls and shopping centres, promotions for television and movies, charities and much more.


Sand sculpture is a perfect addition to your festival or event. Our talented sand sculpting artists create beautiful and intricately detailed sculptures that delight and amaze people of all ages, carved from only compacted sand and water.

We create all type of sand sculptures, from small beautiful table top sculptures to huge sculpture with tonnes of sand.

We can provide you with a unique offering of:
Custom built sand sculptures to any theme and size
Interactive sculpture displays accompanied with sound and light
Social media photographic opportunities or interactive sand sculptures
Children arts and crafts workshops with sand art
Our sand sculpting workshops provide the opportunity to learn from a professional sculptor and the opportunity to create your own "mini masterpiece".


VCK Artz offers you live Sand animation performance and Custom Sand animation video for your unique specifications. Sand animation can be customized to include portraits, logos, branding or other requested imagery and specially chosen music that creates a magical story for your event. A live sand animation performance can be of five to fifteen minutes. VCK Artz excels in creating sand animation that will amaze you and make your event truly unforgettable.


3D Pumpkin carvings are ideal for private parties, festivals, corporate event holiday attractions and much more. VCK Artz specializes in creation of the most amazing pumpkin carvings you will ever see. From cute, beautiful carvings to creepy carvings, we love to push the limits and carve crazy details on the pumpkins.
This might be something very new for an event but its sure to amaze your audience.
We also carve pumpkins that could be kept for months on display without loosing any details on it.
VCK Artz will have workshops on 3D Pumpkin carving twice a year. Intrested people can get in touch and we would contact you with the details.


Sculpture is a remarkable form of art and we love creating four-dimensional models with the use different mediums.


Set designing, Concept art, Digital painting, Canvas Painting, Sand paintings are also some of the services we offer.


We also provide hands-on sand related art and craft activities for school holiday programs.

Call or email us for more information and to find out how you can incorporate a sand sculpture or any of our other creative services at your next venue.